The Final Report of the Project can be found in the next link: Final_Report

The Project booklet is attached in this link: booklet V3

The goal of this Fibiod project is to make it possible to use biodiesel in cold climates such as in Finland. The result of the project is a system that uses biodiesel safely in every climate and reduces the cost and the environmental impact. The system will warm the biodiesel to make it flow better. When the right viscosity is reached the fisherman can switch from diesel to biodiesel. This switch will happen automatically in order to give you an easy, cleaner and cheaper fishing experience.

The system will be adapted to the type of boat and will use both diesel and biodiesel. The biodiesel tank and fuel filter will be heated with coolant water since this is basically a free source of heat. The fuel lines are electrically warmed. All this will prevent the biodiesel clogging. A safety system on the engine can heat the engine lines if necessary to prevent clogging. These steps will all happen automatically thanks to the included Arduino card. This software will also automatically flush the engine with diesel at the end of the trip to purge all the biodiesel from the fuel system.