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FiBiod is a project about the utilisation of biofuels for fishing boats in cold climates. Pure Biodiesel is cheaper, safer and less polluting than conventional fuels but it has also a big challenge to solve. In cold climates the viscosity of the bio fuel reaches an unpleasant high value, causing damage to tanks, pipes, pumps and of course the engine. Our task is to find and develop an energy-efficient solution, so fishermen will be able to use biodiesel in low temperatures.

This project takes place at the Novia University in Vaasa by an EPS group of five members from different countries in Europe.

The website is still in construction, but you should come back in few days !

Visit to Björköby harbor

The FiBiod team went to the Björköby harbor several times to get more information about the fishermen, their working life and biodiesel engines.
On board, the fisherman showed us the engine system, the fuel tanks and the electric supply. We know now that it is possible to add a system to warm the fuel inside the boat.


Continuing with the research, a different boat, smaller than the first one was also examined  to finally get an idea of how can we implement the solutions to different kind of fishing boats.

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Visit to Feora Oy Factory

Our second visit brought us to the Feora Factory in Nykarleby (Uusi kaarlepyy).  The employee in charge of the biodiesel production, Rory Penttinen, showed us their system to transform animal fat from the fox industry into bio fuels. The system is simple and uses by products from the fox fur industry to create a bio fuel cheaper than normal diesel. Feora will sell its bio fuel for 0.15€/L less than the price of fossil fuel set by Neste Oy.

On this tour around the factory we learned that biodiesel, unlike normal diesel, can mix with water. We didn’t know this before and we will definitely have to take this into account for the final solution.


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